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What do I need to know about electrical safety?

Tagging and checking of all electrical equipment in accordance with AS3760 should now be the norm in all workplaces. If this is not the case in your workplace, as an OHS rep, you should approach your employer and request that this be done as soon as possible. If it is not done, then the employer is breaching his/her duty under Section 21. For more advice, contact your union.


More information

  • From WorkSafe Victoria: 
  • Manual on Electrical Safety - A manual for those qualified to undertake testing and tagging of electrical equipment has been produced Best Practice Standards P/L. Allan Mulvena, OHS Officer with the ETU says the technical manual is suitable for electricians, but untrained people should not rely on it to undertake this work. 

  • A number of 'Alerts' from the ESV:
    • Safety Advice: Dangers of Damaged Electrical Appliances [pdf]. This advice follows a
      number of electric shock investigations which revealed the shocks were due
      to damaged electrical appliances that were continuing to be used.
    • warning on the dangers of using second-hand electrical equipment [pdf]
    • Differences between approved (genuine) and unapproved (look-alike) HPM Socket Outlets [ pdf ].
    • Safety Alert on the importance of following all safety procedures when doing testing [pdf]
    • The Safe use of Power Boards [pdf]
    • Incorrect use of Extension Leads [pdf]
    • Warning On Unsafe Power Supplies [pdf]
  • From NSW WorkCover Authority:
    • Frequently Asked Questions - testing and tagging of electrical equipment [pdf] (May 2006); and
    • Electrical Equipment Risk Assessment Guidelines [pdf] (May 2006).
    • A checklist for construction contractors
    • Guidelines on who should be doing testing and tagging for electrical equipment
  • The Queensland Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) has guidance on Who can test electrical equipment with advice on the competencies required and so on. 
  • Go to the UK Health and Safety Executive's page on Electrical Safety at Work to download more information, including a range of leaflets and guidance material.

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