ID #1030

Earth continuity test

The equipment shall have a measured resistance of the protective earth circuit, or the earthing conductor of an extension cord or appliance cord set, which does not exceed 1Ω.

Testing is performed using an ohmmeter or PAT tester;

  • Using the ohmmeter to produce a reading;
  • Using a PAT tester under the following conditions;
    • 12V maximum, test current range 100mA to 200mA - commonly known as "earth continuity test" or "screen test"
    • 12V maximum, test current 10A - commonly known as "routine test" and/or
    • 12V maximum, 1.5 times rated current of appliance or 25A, which ever is greater - commonly known as "type test" or "bond test".

The choice of which test(s) to use is at the operator's discretion as there is merit in each test for given situations, however the "routine test" is seldom used by competent persons as it simply replicates existing conditions for the (240V/10A) appliance and therefore the results are regarded as being of little test value.


source - "Wikipedia - Test and Tagging"

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