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What electrical equipment needs to be regularly inspected and tested?

Not all workplace electrical equipment requires regular inspection and testing, however some equipment is used in a situation that does pose a risk to the user due to the nature of its location and type of use.


The OHS Regulation lists the following workplace environments, where electrical equipment must be regularly inspected, tested and maintained:

•     electrical equipment used in construction work, and
•     electrical equipment that could be affected by a hostile operating environment. This is an operating environment at a place of work where electrical equipment is, in its normal use, subjected to operating conditions that are likely to result in damage to the equipment. For example, workplaces where electrical equipment is likely to be damaged by moisture, heat, vibration or workplaces where corrosive chemicals are used or workplaces where electrical equipment could be subject to mechanical damage.


Electrical equipment not referred to in the above categories does not require regular testing. In this situation you must, in accordance with the risk management requirements of the OHS Regulation, carry out a risk assessment of your electrical equipment.


Following completion of the risk assessment you may determine that in addition to the above legislative requirements testing of other items of identified electrical equipment may be warranted.


Note: A risk assessment must also be carried out if there is a change in electrical equipment use / location or if an electrical incident occurs at the workplace involving electrical equipment to which a risk assessment relates.



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